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1- The goal is to develop a long term – mutually beneficial working relationship.

2- I have one very important requirement (this rule will be required the entire time you work for me). It is that you send me an email/message EVERY working day at the end of the working day, letting me know these 3 things:
A – Let me know that you worked and how long?
B – Let me know what you worked on and what got accomplished?
C – Let me know if you are having any problems and most importantly, what I can do to help? This is very important that we communicate with each other! If you are stuck on something, or I haven’t given you clear instructions, I need to know. I want to make your job as simple as possible. So please… please be sure to communicate any problems with me.

3- You CANNOT disappear! In no. 2 I explained that if you have any issues, you need to let me know so we can work them out. If you don’t understand something… it’s ok. We can work through it. The thing I CANNOT have you do is disappear because you feel embarrassed about something you don’t understand. I know this job can be challenging at times, but there will NEVER be anything we can’t work out. So, I need a commitment from you right now that you will not disappear on me?

4- You will be required to have your own computer (good quality). You will also be required to have very good internet connection at home. I am aware of the challenges of power outages and internet connections having down time. This IS VERY IMPORTANT. Please have the best internet service you can get. It is imperative! If for some reason you have power loss or internet loss and must to go to internet cafe to get work completed, I expect you to do so.

5- You will be paid every Friday during the 1st month. Then you will be paid every other Friday (2x per month) during months 2 and 3. Then beginning the 4th month you will be paid once per month.

6- I will need you to send me an invoice 1 day prior to pay day. This is very important for both of us. I want to make sure I pay you on time, every time. I’m sure you want the same. So please make sure to do this every time.

7- I am aware of the 13th month. So, you will be paid in December according to your time you’ve spent on our team for that year.

8- You will need to remind me of any Holidays that are specific to only the Philippines. I will allow you to take these days off work with pay if you have been doing a satisfactory job. I will also extend understanding to you in the case of illness. If you are sick and cannot work, then you’ll need to let me know asap. I am easy to work with and I understand that things can happen. So, you’ll have to be honest with me and let me know. I will do my best to pay you for sick days. But I am also very perceptive… so do not try to take advantage of me on this. I will know.

9- You will be expected to work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. (Mon – Fri) We will discuss best working hours, but I prefer early hrs. (6am – 2pm) or late hrs. (3pm – 11pm). This way I am available for a few hours of your working day for communication. There may be times when a deadline will require extra work hours on the weekend, for which you will be paid extra. This will be rare, but I want to know that you are willing to do this if needed.

10- Be honest with me! I will be honest with you! I will treat you with respect, and I expect the same from you. I understand things “happen” in life. So, if you’ve been honest and respectful throughout our working relationship, we can ALWAYS work through problems. I want to build long term – permanent working relationships. So, if this is what you are wanting… we should have a great relationship. The success of my company will be affected by the quality of the work you provide for me. The better quality your work… the more money our company makes… the more money and bonuses I can pay you! Fair enough?

12- I would rather not have to use tracking software to make sure you’re working. But in the beginning (first 2 – 3 months), it will probably be best for both of us to do so. You will be given a link to where you can download the software.

If you agree to these rules and expectations than it’s time we finalize this process and get started working. Let me know asap and I will send you a copy of these Rules and Expectations for you to sign and return. Let’s do this…